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M. A. J. Electronic

M. A. J. Electronic

M. A. J. Electronic - Amp Repairs

MAJ Electronic -- Best Amp Repairs !!!!!!
Unit 1, Dawley Trading Estate
Stallings Lane, Kingswinford
West Midlands, DY6 7HU

Telephone: 01384-278646

MAJ Electronic was founded in 1974 by Michael and Jane Ameson.

One of my customers said "I have the best people for my equipment. My guitars go to Peter Allen and MAJ Electronic do my amp repairs."
(Ian B. May 2006)

1st Nov. 2007 Feedback from a customer who paid £40 for repairs to his valve amp ........was told by another 'Amp Maker' ....."your transformers gone and it'll cost £1000+ to repair".
(I am so pleased that this MAJ worked out for him ).

Feedback: December 2007 Great repair on amp, transformer failed and repair didn't cost an arm & a leg.