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Julius Thurgood 'COYS ROCK' sell guitars at auction. Not just any guitars, only special vintage and rare ones that clients want to invest in - items that will at least maintain, and probably improve their value in the years to come. In fact, many people are turning to these alternative investments in these troubled economic times.
COYS ROCK restricts its catalogue entries to a limited number.
WIDTH="100%"> Example of COYS ROCK attention to detail

This rare Les Paul Guitar 1952 (Ex 'Duster' Bennett) is being actioned 12th March 2009. An exceptional instrument!

'Coys Rock PDF' 'Duster' Bennett_PDF

'COYS ROCK' guitar expert is Melvyn Hiscock, author of the book `Make your own Electric guitar' - the starting point for many luthiers. Melvyn's knowledge and expertise enable him to assess vintage instruments if and when necessary and his accumulated knowledge is a valuable asset to vendors who wish to place an entry with Coy Rock.

So, if have a special guitar - whether electric, acoustic or semi acoustic and you feel you wish to liquidate its value by selling it to a caring future investor call:

Julius Thurgood

Landline 01926-885835
Mobile 07350-311150