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Parick Eggle Berlin

This item is Second-Hand, there are no chips or dents to the lacquer and can be purchased by personal visit. This is the closest to an 'Old Stock Eggle' almost brand new.

This Patrick Eggle Guitar is the Berlin Model with a Trevor Wilkinson Locking Tremolo which is being sold by one of my customers. The guitar was made in 2009 and is one of the 1994 guitars purchased as two pieces - neck and body - from another of my customers! He did not have the expertise to put it together and to finish it off so he gave me first refusal. So this guitar is probably one of the last guitars to be built from the Coventry factory even though it has been done by an ex-employee (Peter Allen) from that period.

The body was double stained as we did at Patrick Eggle back then and then rubbed down and stained cherry red. The after effects are to bring out the flip in the grain and to enhance it's appearance. The body is made from birds-eye quilt with the neck and rear body of Mahogany.

The scale length is in-between the Stratocaster and Gibson at 648mm. It has a neck radius 10" with 24 medium jumbo frets. The guitar is professionally set-up with 10 to 46 gauge strings (this is worth over £100 included) but can be changed to accommodate the new owner. The Pro set-up is also transferable to the new owner FOC.

Included is a hard case with the Patrick Eggle logo on it.

It has 2 specially commissioned hand wound Humbucking Pickups by Kent Armstrong which were for this ordered for this guitar.
The tremolo is the unique Wilkinson Locking tremolo - complete with the arm which allows the tremolo to be locked in place. Contrary to the way in which Trevor Wilkinson designed the system, most Eggles were assembled and set-up without the trem setting adjustment slots at the rear. Without these slots the guitar is a nightmare to balance the tremolo correctly. This guitar has had the slots re-introduced to may light work of setting the tremolo locking mechanism.

NB: Due to the Pop-up Blocker Settings, if you cannot see the other pictures when clicking 'more pics', try pressing the Ctrl (control button) and the Alt at the same time as left clicking with the mouse.

This is being sold at £1100.

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Price:   £1,100.00