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Eggle Wiring pre 1994

Below you will find the wiring diagrams for Patrick Eggle Guitars from the start to March 1994.

Due to the production change from Seymour Duncan to Kent Armstrong, there may be a variation in the colour of the wires referred to. Furthermore, Kent Armstrong changed the colours of his pickups during this period so that there is an 'old' and ‘new' wiring. In order to wire the pickups correctly, you must establish the origin of the pickup. To help you in wiring up, I have done a 'Pickup Coloured Wires Chart' with the old Kent Armstrong and other later coloured wire codes ...........have fun!

If there is a problem with the wiring diagrams, please let me know by emailing me. Thank you.

Wiring for Eggle Guitars - PDFs

Pickup Wires Conversion Chart for Diagrams below as they are written as Seymour Duncan illustrated: Pickup_coloured_wires_chart.pdf

Berlin Standard with Volume & Tone: Berlin_Standard.pdf

Berlin Standard with Coil Tap: Eggle_Berlin Std_with_CT.pdf

Berlin Plus - Original wiring: Berlin_Plus_Original.pdf

Berlin Plus with Coil Tap: Eggle_Berlin Plus_with_CT.pdf

Berlin Plus with Coil Tap Switch and Out-of-Phase Switch - Original wiring: Berlin_Plus_CT_&_Phase.pdf

Berlin Standard and Plus with Coil Tap Switch: Eggle_SD_Berlin_Std_&_Plus_with_CT.pdf

Berlin Pro with Rotary Switch and Out-of-Phase Switch: Berlin_Pro_Rotary_Phase_SW.pdf

Berlin Pro - Deluxe Original wiring: Belin Pro-Dlx_Rotary.pdf

JS Legend Wiring using the Reflex Pickups - Active Circuitry: Jim_Sullivan_Legend_Wiring.pdf

Los Angeles Plus with Push/Pull Switch and Rotary SwitchLA_ Plus_ PP_&_Rotary_SW.pdf

New York Deluxe with Coil Tap Switch: Eggle_New_York_Deluxe_with_CT.pdf