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Mick Smitham's - Blog

Mick Smitham's musical career started by backing many international artists such as Percy Sledge, Del Shannon and The Drifters and then joined The Fortunes in the 1970s. Mick is their longest serving member. Mick has his blog page on where he gives an insight to a working international musician.

String Forum - String Professor

The makes interesting reading for those people wanting to know more about strings, how they are made and how they affect the guitar player. Recently, I wrote and asked about an anomaly that I noticed when setting up the 4 string bass. The reply I got was most interesting and informative. They have a periodic newsletter you can subscribe to for free. Check it out and widen your knowledge base! Go to and learn something new!

Artist Photographer

Stephen Thorne - Photographer
Stephen Thorne writes …………Since those early beginnings, and having taken thousands of images and attended hundreds of concerts over the years, I still get the adrenaline rush when I see a band walk on stage. I am signed to the Hottwire international photo agency, and you'll also see some of my images on the World Entertainment News Network. I also work for numerous bands and organisations. Please feel free to contact me for assignments, projects etc…………….see some of his pictures of your favourite artists on his website - just go to Stephen Thorne - Photographer

The Charlie Hall Forum

Charlie Hall
Apparently Charlie Hall is the guru behind Echoes From The Past - the guy who does all of the vintage echo unit programs on modern digital Alesis (as used by Hank Marvin). Charlie has started a new discussion forum on guitar & sound related bits.
Anyone is welcome to join - just go to Charlie Hall

StewMac Guitar Tips & Parts

StewMac in the USA has supplied the world's instrument makers and repair shops with a wide selection of innovative lutherie tools, parts, books and videos, including information and you can subscribe to their tech tips by email. Some parts are not available in the UK.
Stewart MacDonald USA - Info & Suppliers of Parts

The Musical Instrument Makers Forum

This is a gold mine of information if you are interested in the technical part of guitar making. The information given is other people opinions and experience, so you have to decide on whether the information is correct and useful.
The Musical Instrument Makers Forum

FORUM: is one of the best internet hangouts for guitarist.
The dedicated guitar forum invites guitarists of all skill levels. There is even free video lessons, live video tutorial and a jam room. You can communicate
with other guitarist on an extensive range of topics including taking part in polls, upload own pics and access many other special features.

Find out more at

Search for Information via PDF  Site 1

Search for Information via PDF Site 1

Finding information written up in PDF form means a long trek through Google or some other search engine. However, there are special PDF search facilities such as

Search for a PDF via "PDF Geni"

Search for Information via PDF  Site 2

Search for Information via PDF Site 2

Here is another PDF search tool - Search for a PDF via "Open PDF"