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Peter Allen Custom Shop15

Musicians who have had their Instruments Professionally Set-up by Peter Allen


Mick Smitham - The Fortunes

Michael Smitham (guitarist) of 'The Fortunes'
I was surprised the other day when Mick Smitham of The Fortunes - 60's Band famous for the distinguished hit records including 'You've Got Your Troubles', 'Here It Comes Again' - sent a help email entitled 'Smashed Guitar' .
This gives my age away as I was a teenager at the time of those hits!
After sorting the guitar problem, thankfully I got an email back

Hi Peter, Just a note to say the Strat was great! Never sounded better! Road crew very impressed! Looked good too apparently.

Thanks, Mick.

For more information visit on the band and tour dates visit 'The Fortunes'

Keith Donnelly

Keith Donnelly was advised to have Peter Allen set up his Martin guitar before he embarked on his Australian tour 'Dark Horses', March to May 2011.
Keith joined Waterfall in 1980 , Little Aeroplane, Nothing By Chance & then solo projects. Today, he writes material for Stand-Up routines incl TV for the likes of Phil Cool and Jasper Carrott, Keith plays at festivals, colleges, universities, arts centres and theatres, comedy clubs, etc. even does 'After-Dinner Speaking and Corporate Events' . Also he has worked for BBC 1's Pebble Mill writing and performing topical song each week.
More details on his website Keith Donnelly

Martyn Hope - 'Shakin Stevens' Band

Martyn Hope, the lead guitarist for 'Shakin Stevens' asked Peter Allen to do his magic Professional Set-up on his guitar recently. Martyns Website!

Mark Ormiston - The Acoustic Who

Guitarist Mark Ormiston is part of the Acoustic Who - they are not so much a tribute band, more a tribute to Townshend's songs. These timeless creations are re-interpreted with electro-acoustic guitars, bass & drums, while being true to the energetic power and passion of the originals. Six-string, twelve-string and nylon-strung guitars are all part of Mark's assault on the senses. His guitars are treated to tough love... he sure plays a mean windmill!
For more information visit 'Acoustic Who'

Riff Raff Band - Warwickshire finest !

Guy Parfitt (also Ex V8 Band ? ), Paul Drysdale & Mick Ainge are the guitarist in the band Riff Raff and have had Peter work on their guitars for at least the past 10 years ……I think that's as close as it gets to dedication! Riff Raff Band

Harry McVeigh - White Lies Band

Peter professionally set-up White Lies guitarist Harry McVeigh's Telecaster. That's the vintage one recently purchased in New York (2008) - again thanks to their Tour Manager for the contacts.

Chilli Inc Studios - Recording Studio - London Area

Sean Kelsey of Chilli Inc Studios on seeing the work I had done for one of my other regular customers, sent most of his Chilli Inc Studio guitars to me for setting up! For more detailed information about his studio - see my Recording Studios Page or go straight to his website at

8 Ball Joe

"8 Ball Joe" - Nuneaton Based Band

They are past winners of Radio Ones ‘Rock Wars’ hosted by Tommy Vance!
Both Guitarist and Bass Player - there real names I reveal not! - have been regular customers of Peter Allen - see there website at
Peter resurrected a very badly refretted Les Paul by a famous local luthier. 'Joe' said that "the guitar lay under the bed for 3 years before he could bring himself to trust anyone to re-do the work again". Now back for a re-tweak (Health Check in July 2009) and all is well. Rock on 8 Ball Joe!

For more information visit on the band and tour dates visit

Mark Burton - 'Bootleg Shadows'

Mark Burton of the 'Bootleg Shadows !' joined the band in April when the previous lead guitarist left. The sound samples on the website are all his though, and were recorded live at a theatre in Cannock earlier this year. Mark says: 'you can hear the Strat wasn't right - the sustain just wasn't there. Now, after putting it through one of Pete Allen's Pro Set-ups I can't get over how the guitar just sings!!

'Shadowplayer' - Jon Malcom

Jon Malcolm, past guitarist in the 'The Vampires', and top Torquay band ' The Telstars' and later 'The Buccaneers' has travelled far and wide with his love of The Shadows music. He was introduced to Peter's skills by Ian McCutcheon, Jon known as 'Shadowplayer' has highly recommended the Set-up work for his guitars.
For more information visit 'Shadowplayer'

Ben Parker - 'Ben & Jason'

Ben Parker guitarist from Ben & Jason had Peter set-up his acoustic at the time when the duo side tracked to writing songs for EastEnders actress turned pop singer, Martine McCutcheon while writing their debut album.

Nik Sandall & Neil Jones - 'Stone Foundation'

Nik Sandall & Neil Jones are the guitarists in the 'Stone Foundation' along with other members of the band, Phillip K.Ford, Ian Arnold, and Neil Sheasby. They adore real soul music, the right kind of Country, The E-Street band, Dexy's midnight runners, Dylan, Declan McManus, Van Morrison, Brinsley Schwarz, The Faces and The Band. The group are regulars at some of the biggest and best venues in the country and have played with some real names - Wilko Johnson, Steve Gibbons and Nine Below Zero to mention just a few.
For more information visit 'Stone Foundation'


In the early days, the band 'Ash' Tour Manager called upon Peter Allen to service all their guitars between world tours - a little known fact!

Gerry Cafolla - The Unforgettable Fire Band

Gerry Cafolla is a big fan of The Edge (U2's guitarist) he is the guitarist in The Unforgettable Fire formerly 'StayU2' a U2 tribute band
Go to his link page for more info on the 'Edge' sound. Other artists he likes include Eric Clapton, Dave Gilmour, Gary Moore, BB King, Ry Cooder and Hank Marvin.

Dave Hale - The Apostrophes

Dave Hale - guitarist plays in the The Apostrophes along with Mark Ormiston. The Band were formed in February 2005 with the concept of high-octane formula 2 blokes / 4 guitars, covers & originals; an approach stripped down to the skinny bones with no safety net!
Both Dave & Mark have been in full-out rock, punk, cover/cabaret and psycho-ska bands - too many to mention - within Merseyside and the Midlands all their dissolute lives.
For more information visit 'The Apostrophes'

Steve Skidmore - 'Bukechi' & 'Claptout and Acoustic'

Steve Skidmore - Black Country guitarist 'Skidders' has played guitar for nearly forty year, writing and performing acoustic and electric rock & blues. With several Martins and Fenders, he has all his guitars set-up by Pete Allen. Skidders' has played with Dexy's Midnight Runners' Kevin Rowland and supported bands such as the Feeling, John Power (the La's) and Roger Chapman (Family).

Skidders' website is

Pat Allen and Andy Hiseman - 'The Barflys'

Pat Allen and Andy Hiseman guitarists from the band The Barflys.
It doesn't take long for a good recommendation to get around. So one Pro Set-up job done in the Worcestershire area lead Pat Allen and Andy Hiseman from the band The Barflys asking Peter Allen to set-up their guitars.
For more information on their band visit The Barflys

Bob Condrey - MGB The Band

Bob Condrey came to Peter Allen by word of mouth recommendation. His trusty
Fernandez (Strat) which needed some major work. The guitar was re-fretted and set-up with an action lowered by half! He writes that…………."I spent a couple of hours playing it when I got home last evening and getting used to the significant changes. Really, really pleased with it."
Now he is set for more charity work and gigs - see his website for more information on their band visit MGB The Band

Brian Hodgkiss - 'REHAB - Meet The Band'

Brian Hodgkiss has been a regular visitor to Peter Allen over the past few years. I guess that all of his guitars have been set-up by him. The more recent being a new Telecaster for the Christmas 2009 and New Year of 2010.
For more information on their band visit REHAB - Meet The Band

Craig Powell

Craig Powell is one of the two guitarists in 'Dig the Pig' which consists of vocalist, bass, drums, blues harp, keyboard, trombone and sax with blues influences such as J.J.Cale, Hubert Sumlin, Howling Wolf, Jimi Hendrix, Cream, Robert Johnson
For more information visit 'Dig the Pig'

John Ciriani - 'The Georgie T Trio'

John Ciriani is the bass player who underpins the 'Georgie T Trio' and is one of my longest standing customers. The Trio specialise in smooth, cool jazz and piano-based blues. Their set offers quality music for lounge, cabaret, corporate events, parties, full evenings' entertainment and short musical events at a reasonable cost.
For more information visit 'The Georgie T Trio'

Ian McCutcheon - Shadows Workout

Ian McCutcheon
Shadows Workout
Ian specialises in Shadows/Hank Marvin music and offers a full catalogue of CDs which both demonstrate the lead playing and provide backing tracks for you to play over - becoming a 'Hank' in your own right!

Matt Hernandez - Flamenco guitar

Matt Hernandez
Matt performs (see website for up coming dates) and teaches Flamenco guitar for beginners and intermediate levels - see 'GuitarTuition' for his contact details

Jans Bayliss, Jan Vaisey & Ian Harvey - 'EOS Band'

The Eos Music Trio
Eos began in 1998 with the two Jans - Bayliss and Vaisey - with the addition of Ian Harvey in 2004. The Eos trio are in the process of recording tracks for their new album and are regular artistes, who perform their music at The Monmouth Folk Club.

Andrew Higgins - 'The Curious Things'

Andrew Higgins is guitarist for 'The Curious Things' which are local to Leamington Spa. The band are made up of Emma Cole lead singer, Guitar, Bass and Drums.

For further information: Contact 07986-852383

Bill Bates

Bill Bates is a Leamington comedy singer songwriter and has for the past 10 years performed in local folk clubs and folk festivals
See his website at

Kevin Crompton - 'Time After Time' Band

Kevin Crompton & Bill Bates are guitarists in trio band 'Time After Time' with both sharing vocals. They have been gigging together since 1995 - either as a Duo (Kevin & Bill) or as a Trio (with Mad Mick Shaler on electric violin) depending on the size of the gig. Time After Time perform a wide variety of songs that includes "classic covers" and some wonderful Irish songs.
For more information visit 'Time After Time' link its Bill Bates's fault!

Neal Clark -

Neal Clark runs FORUM: - one of the best internet hangouts for guitarist.
The dedicated guitar forum invites guitarists of all skill levels. There are even free video lessons, live video tutorial and a jam room. You can communicate
with other guitarist on an extensive range of topics including taking part in polls, upload own pics and access many other special features.
Find out more at

Various Artists - Patrick Eggle Guitars Ltd.

During Peter Allen' s time overseeing the production, various guitars were produced and supplied to artists such as:

Brian May 'Queen.
'Big' Jim Sullivan - Tom Jones and Session Musician
Tony Iommi - Black Sabbath
Nick Kershaw
Bruce Watson - Big Country
Midge Ure - Ultravox
Mystery Customer - donated to Rory Gallagher
Mick Abrahams - Jethro Tull, Blodwyn Pig and The Mick Abrahams Band

Whilst credit is not taken in full for the above guitars, Peter was also 'Quality and Set-up Manager' .