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2010 Contribution made to St Michaels Singers

Breaking tradition of supporting rock 'n' roll and acoustic players in the local vicinity, St Michael singers requested my help in supporting their concert at Coventry Cathedral where they were to perform War Requiem by Benjamin Britten. The concert was held on Saturday 13 November 2010. Whilst St Michael's Singers are often featured in BBC programmes such as Songs of Praise, they have to pay various expenses including soloists, orchestras and administrative costs. Putting on a big concert takes a considerable amount of preparation apart from the financial cost. When I was approached this year, I agreed to support them.
2010 Contribution made to St Michaels Singers

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2009 Guitar Given Away @ GW FEST

In 2009 a brand new Garrison Electro-Acoustic Guitar was raffled as 1st Prize on behalf of the Air Ambulance. The guitar's Retail Price was £340 (with electrics installed) . With my Professional Set-up work of £82 all added to its given value of over £400 to the lucky winner!

NB: Garrison were bought by Gibson Guitars USA.

The guitar was won on the night of the Festival and helped raise money for the Air Ambulance. Sorry, no pictures available of the winner or handover.
2009 Guitar Given Away  @  GW FEST

Garrison Acoustic Front

Garrison Acoustic Front

Garrison Acoustic Rear View

Garrison Acoustic Rear View

Garrison Acoustic Close-up

Garrison Acoustic Close-up

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2008 Guitar Given Away @ GW FEST

2008 was the first time Guitar Technical Services and Bandwagon sponsored the GW Fest. (AKA Great Western Festival - Warwick)
As 1st Prize I bought a new electric guitar and set about customising it. I finished off by giving it a Professional Set-up. The guitar was raffled off on the night on behalf of the Air Ambulance. Later in the week the luck recipient was presented with his prize.
Oddly enough the little chap wanted to buy the guitar which was showcased in Bandwagons shop window but was told "sorry, it is by raffle ticket only" So he bought a ticket and the rest is history!
2008 Guitar Given Away  @  GW FEST

Handing over the Guitar

Headstock for Air Ambulance

Peter Allen sponsors GW Fest

Some of my customers who visited me recently will have seen the guitar (pictured below) I have been customising for this year's GW Fest. The GW Fest was being held on 2nd August 2008 in aid of the Air Ambulance Charity.

In 2007 the GW Fest supported Myton Hospice Charity. I attended this event to find the first prize was very unattractive and after speaking to Matt Hernandez (Organiser), he explained that some music sponsors had pulled out from their initial support. I commented at the time, that I could come up with something better as a first prize for next year and true to my word in conjunction with Bandwagon Music Shop of Leamington Spa we gave a decent first prize to the GW Fest raffle - a new guitar worth over £300.

Bandwagon Music Shop displayed the guitar in their main shop window in the run-up to the event (thank you Bandwagon) which generated good sales of raffle tickets in aid of this good cause.

Here are some of the pictures of the guitar.

Full Length guitar picture

Guitar Body Picture

The Electrics Layout

Hal the Lucky Winner !!!

The raffle winner was 7 year old Hal from Warwick- seen here with the guitar. He has become the envy of his friends and the local guitar playing fraternity overnight. Congratulations Hal.

The Lucky Winner Pic 2

2nd Picture Lucky Winner