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Kevin's Blocks Kevin's Blocks. Hand made steel blocks for improved Strat tone by upgrading your old zinc block or cast steel. These are made from B.D.M.S = Bright [cold finish] Drawn Mild Steel. Ref:1018 cold rolled steel in the USA. The same steel pre CBS Strats and Callaham blocks are made from. What you get with Bright Drawn Mild Steel is clarity, sustain and pure vintage tone. Not all blocks are standard so Kevin can make blocks for any other type of bridges/tremolos. Contact him via his eBay selling page Click here!
Recommended and used by Peter Allen.

Acoustica & Stanford Guitars From 1994, J L Music in Leeds, supplied Guitar Technical Services with many replacement parts. Due to the death of JL Music's founder, Acoustica Limited took over the business and continues to supply many music shops within the UK.

Peter Allen - Guitar Technical Services
Supply & Fitting of B-Band products for Acoustic Guitar.
I have been fitting these for the past 10 years very successfully. See the Cost and Products Prices on B-Band Acoustic Transducer & Pre-Amps or visit the B-Band website at
B-Band Acoustic Amplification

W D Music W D Music
W D supply a wide range of guitar parts and accessories - I use them a lot for my custom shop work. They provide a reliable and fast service, usually delivering within 2-3 days of my placing an order

Small Wonder Music Co
Specialists in exotic inlay, shell and miscellaneous guitar parts
Small Wonder Music Company

Allparts Weblink Allparts

Parts include Fender-licensed replacement necks & bodies, fingerboards, nuts, saddles, fret wire, tuners, bridges, tailpieces, pickguards, pickups, pots, switches and all those useful hard-to-find, small-but-crucial screws

Aria Music Products Aria UK Ltd

for all Aria sold products and distributors of guitars. Guitar Technical Services can supply parts if required.

Hiscox Musical Instrument Cases
Hiscox Musical Instrument Cases

Fusion  Gig Bags 1 Fusion F1 - One of the Best Gig Bags around

Guitar Technical Services can supply these Gig Bags through Aria UK.
See the website for these top quality go anywhere gig bags.

Tribal Planet. Gig Bags Tribal Planet - Quality Gig Bags

Supply - Gig Bags with Multisheild Technology from Tribal Planet.
These are better than most gig bags with a very well thought out protection system for all kinds of instruments, not just guitars.

Blackham Transfers - by Peter Blackham

Peter Blackham provides 'artwork' and 'Rubdown Transfers' for those interested in putting your name on your guitar - known as 'Decals'. You can of course provide your own artwork and he is very happy to give advice on modifications.
It's refreshing to find someone who cares, gives such attention to detail and provides such a personal service.

Peter Blackham is based in Wales but with the internet, online banking and Post Office he is very accessible - it's as if he is just round the corner!

Contact details: 01766-832003
Blackham Transfers

Touchstone Weblink Touchstone Tonewoods

David Dyke & David Green @ Luthier Supplies
Luthier Supplies

Axesrus & Guitar Parts website for some of the more difficult to find parts not covered by Allparts & WD

Martin Sims Martin Sims
Martin has done custom shop re-finishing for me and I would recommend his services to anyone - the results are truly excellent. I have also visited his workshop to see how he works and know he has a very professional operation.

Pegheds Planetary Pegs/Perfection Pegs
Contact: Chuck Herin
Chuck is the USA manufacturer of these 'Pegheds' (no typing mistake!)
He supplies Brian Burns specialising in 'Planetary Pegs' for Flamenco Guitar, Ukulele and Banjo.
Chuck also supplies 'Perfection Pegs' for Violins & Cello etc. to Knilling at
Currently there is no UK distributor.
Pegheds - Planetary Pegs - Perfection Pegs

Best Bass Gear Best Bass Gear
Contact: Brian

Occasionally I hear of people that have exceptionally good products at a reasonable price and are open with good advise. One of my customers has used Best Bass Gear for years and it has become his first port of call. Some things are worth sharing even if they are in the USA !
Brian at Best Bass Gear is committed to helping bass enthusiasts find great tone with superior pickups, preamps and other bass items from the best manufacturers in the industry.

Seymour Duncan Pickups Seymour Duncan Pickups
Guitar Technical Services is an authorised supplier of Seymour Duncan pickups.
Whatever you require in your custom build can be supplied and fitted depending on stock levels. The Seymour Duncan importer dispatches immediately and that means pickups can be fitted within five days of the order.

DiMarzio UK Custom Shop In 2007 as announced by MI Pro. was supposed to "carry new product and player information, as well as UK specific pricing and ordering information as well as details of custom shop and limited edition pickups."

Whilst MIRep (UK Supplier) invited Guitar Technical Services to participate in their "one stop shop" UK Custom Shop resource for all things DiMarzio and list businesses like mine as "Supply & Fit Centres" where DiMarzio pickups can be fitted by recommended experts, all direction is now referred back to the USA.

Due to poor service in supply of pickups from the UK, Guitar Technical Services no longer sources or supplies DiMarzio pickups. However pickup bought elsewhere can be custom fitted.

Lace Sensor Pickups The Lace Sensor is a guitar pickup designed by Don Lace and manufactured by AGI (Actodyne General International). Lace Pickups are unique for giving a clean single coil sound with reduced hum. Guitar Technical Services is an authorised supplier and installer of these pickups. For further information contact Peter Allen. Products are listed at UK Distributors Website

Trem King The TREM KING is a newly patented vibrato system for guitars. It's fixed, solid to the top of the guitar including the saddles. The block inside works on a pendulum principle so the intonation point and string height never change. Therefore the action height stays the same. Pitch-shift all happens inside the guitar. The vibrato's 'zero point' is best described as similar to the new Ibanez tremolo centre detent - making the block return to the same position time after time, but there the similarity stops ! Products are listed at UK Distributors Website

Kent Armstrong Pickups Kent Armstrong Pickups
Kent Armstrong has become a legend in his own lifetime with over 30 years of pickup building. He grew up with his father Dan Armstrong teaching him the guitar repair business and rewinding pickups way back in the 1970's. Kent also had the legendary pickup designer Bill Lawrence on hand to impart his specialist knowledge and experience. (Bill Lawrence worked on the Gibson Factory Pickup along with Seth Lover).
Kent's mission is to produce top quality products which the customer will enjoy at a reasonable cost.

Aaron Armstrong

TEL: 01233 822120

When Kent started his business in England, little did he know that WD (USA) would be selling his specially designed pickups, and that his son Aaron would become the main UK outlet for his special Hand-wound and Re-wound Pickup Repair Business. Now Aaron is following in his father's footsteps and continuing the family tradition becoming the 3rd generation of Armstrong pickup builders!

For more information see: .pdf