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Re-Stringing Techniques

Incorrect re-stringing techniques lead to instruments which won't stay in tune! Choose the appropriate link below to see step-by-step instructions for Pete's method of getting a perfect re-string every time.............


Instrument Restring PDFs

Standard Acoustic or Electric Guitar Re-string: Standard_Guitar_Restring.pdf

Electric Guitar WITH Locking Tremolo - Floyd Rose Re-string: Floyd_Rose_Restring.pdf

Vintage Stratocaster Type Restring: Vintage_Split_Capstan_Restring.pdf and also listed as

Vintage_Strat_Tele_Restring.pdf & Vintage_Guitar_Restring.pdf

Classical or Spanish Guitar - Nylon Strung - Restring: Classical_Spanish_Restring.pdf

Bass Guitar - Restring: Bass_Guitar_Restring.pdf

Mandolin/Banjo - Restring: Mandolin_or_Banjo_Restring.pdf



Helpful Information

Tips, information and advice to help solve some of those annoying little problems!

Choose from the links below for expert advice and the benefit of Pete's experience.............



What to look for when buying an acoustic guitar - Buyers_Advice_for_Acoustic_Guitars.pdf

For new owners of an acoustic guitar - 20_Tips_for_Guitar_Beginners.pdf

My String Pegs comes out - Why? - Guitar_String_Peg_Problems.pdf

I want to amplify my acoustic. OR I plug my acoustic into a guitar amp/PA and get a poor sound - Why? - Good_Amplified_Acoustic_Guitar.pdf


Recommended acoustic Pre-amps and Transducers - with fitting costs: B-Band_Price_List.pdf



Have I got an earth problem? I touch the strings and it stops humming! Find out about Hum and Buzz on Electric/Bass guitar - Electric_Guitar_Hum_and_Buzz.pdf


I can hear buzzing or rattling strings when my guitar is not plugged in but it's not there when amplified - Why? - Fret_Buzzes_and_Rattles.pdf




General Issues & Information

These issues affect all types of fretted instruments - some parts of the PDF's relate to specific types of guitar, however, the points made can help understand the instrument better and therefore get more out of it.

Why does my guitar sound so out of tune? - Guitar_Tuning_Difficulties.pdf


I tuned my guitar but the open chords sound slightly out - Can I sweeten the tuning a little? - Tuning_Guitar_by_Octaves.pdf


My Line 6 Variax booklet is great! .....but I could do with a 'Map of the Sounds' - to look at a glance where I am - Variax_Guitar_Sound_Map.pdf