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November 2020 - Work Update

Hi Folks

It's been a bad year for 'normal' business this year, for many people with the 'lockdown' in March, and for me. In the summer my wife had an operation, so we had to self-isolate for 6 weeks. Now we have another lockdown. This has meant that my 'Waiting List' just got longer. Many of my old customers would not go anywhere else and so diligently I have progressed through the list in time order. Some customers have been invited in but have not replied and so I moved on to the next on the list.

Additionally, adding to the problem, as I am near 70, I reduced my working week so limiting days of work from Wednesday to Saturday. I seem to get a lot of problem guitars that other people cannot fix and this means that they take longer to do. I also have to be extra careful because of having an autoimmune disease which makes me extra vulnerable.

I have emailed all the people on my 'Waiting List' to find out the 'true' extent of the work still required. If people don't reply, I assume that they no longer need any work doing.

For new customer set-ups I am afraid that I wont take on any more to add to my list as this is unfair, expectation wise. In better times I will lift this restriction. Small repairs can still be done depending on the repairs - so email and ask and maybe provide a picture and information about the guitar.

Thanks for your patience.

July 2020 - Work and COVID-19 Update

Hi Folks

So the latest update is that, despite the coronavirus, the majority of my customers have opted to stay on my waiting list. Thank you - that even suprised me!

Customers will note that I don't participate in social media - it never appealed to me - so this blog is my statement on my current workshop situation.

Slowly, I have been working down my waiting list but, with the current necessary safety measures in place, progress has not been as the 'normal situation'. This leads me up to another crisis point.

From mid-July, I won't be taking in any more work for at least 4 weeks due to having to self-isolate pending my wife's operation. Sorry about this. This will bring me to mid-August when I will review the situation further and give you another update.

Given the option, some customers are leaving their guitars with me to work on over the next 4-5 weeks so at least I can work down some of the current backlog during my isolation period.

There is no point in putting more people onto an already full waiting list even though it appears that people are very willing to go on it. I suppose this is an act of faith/vote of confidence based on past work done. Again, I thank my loyal customer following for this support. These are not normal times and it doesn't take a genius to work out that we could still be at a 'coronavirus status quo' this time next year.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) March 2020

Hi Folks

Since my reduced hours of working following state pension retirement a few years ago, I have carried on doing repair work and set-ups. This has entailed a long 'waiting list' of up to 8 weeks at times. My customers have been very patient with me, however the current situation and my age being one of the 'vulnerable' ones has led me to stop taking in any work for the duration of the current crisis. Obviously this will be reviewed as the virus situation progresses. Those people that I would have called in during the next few weeks will still be on my list and first in the queue as soon as I start up again.

Thanks to all my past customers for their loyalty.

In the mean time I have plenty to do - so see you on the other side!

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January 2021 - Recap & Update

Hi Folks

So the year 2020 didn't get any better as it went along and the run up to Christmas and the rampant CV19 Virus led me to the decision to stay safe and stop work completely until I get vaccinated. Not an easy decision, as I feel I have a duty to my customers.

As for my 'Waiting List', that is remarkable in itself as most of the customers on it are past customers so they know what to expect. In November I sent out an email asking people if they wished to stay on it. This was to verify the 'real' extent of the work to do. Remarkably, 50% of those people said "Yes, just let me know when it's my turn." I still predicted 6 weeks waiting time! Well, clearly I should have invested in a crystal ball because that assessment of the workload is now put on hold. I shall be glad when it's all over and we can get back to normal.

For 2021 I moved my Server so there was some 12 hours off line due to problems with the pointing of the DNS.

So the answer to the question "What are you doing if you're not working on guitars?" is that I have been making another website to replace the old antiquated one that has served me well - even though it took some adapting. And here is the end result.

The other all consuming project is a Video of the Professional Set-up which I started on iMovies but (thanks to Apple's failure to maintain) became problematic and so had to switch to a Windows App. and redo it all over again. Thanks Apple.

Thanks for your patience and Stay Safe! Happy New Year!

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