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Fake Website - listed as 'Guitar Technical Services by Peter Allen.'


If you wish to help me out, please report the Facebook website as a fake bearing my name.

Guitar Technical Services by Peter Allen.

Facebook are law unto themselves. I do NOT have a Facebook Account, never have. If people dont have accounts, it allows people to clone names and businesses in order to use it for advertising or for other motives.  Cleary this allows people to have muliple platforms for advertising BUT prevents the real people owning their own name.

I wrote to Facebook and they replied that I could report it within Facebook only, go figure! This means that I have to have a Facebook Account in the first place. Emails to this effect have done nothing. 2 people I know have reported the Facebook page as 'Fake' but Facebook have done nothing about it. So, like many abuse, fake and misdmeanors Facebook ignore the reports/requests.

The simple proof of the Page being a 'Fake' page is to look at the phone number and see that this does NOT corroberate with my business phone number. Furthermore the phone number is one of our Nigerian Friends in Africa. If that wasn't sufficient proof to remove the Facebook Page I dont know what is.

On the subject of business names, I also find that someone else has taken my business name as another Facebook Page. But as Facebook points out, anybody can copy a business name unless it is trademarked. So much for a moral code. Sadly, I only trademarked the symbol and not the name. Since then I have found numerous people have had their business names copied. It shows that these individuals don't have the ability to be creative enough or they are without ethics and morality.


                                                Peter Allen

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