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2mm Spacers for

Bigsby Tremolo

Vibromate Bracket


There are 2 spacers for sale for the Tail Piece - Made of solid Brass. Bigsby Adapors.

As requested:

Internal Diameter: 8mm

External Diameter: 12mm

Thickness: 2mm

Brass is a known good transmitter of sound and these have been turned from brass.

Note: Measurements are approximate.

Bass String Wrap Spacers

Improves Sound and Intonation

2 Solid Brass Bass String Spacers for 3rd & 4th Strings - per pack – Not necessary for through the body stringing.

Often the 'string wrap' on the bass strings used on the Precision and Jazz Bass type guitar find they are sat on the top of the saddle. This is especially true when string companies use too much silk. Assuming that the saddle is in the correct place for the intonation and the 'wrap' is over the saddle, it will causes the string to ring/vibrate badly. One choice is to move the saddle forwards sharpening all the notes, which will ruin the intonation. The better choice is to move the 'string wrap' further back. Generally, only the 3rd and 4th strings are affected.

These string spacers are made of solid brass for the 3rd and 4th strings. They are threaded onto the string before it is fitted to the bridge. This will increase the string length by a mere 4mm approx but more importantly,  it will move the string wrap further away from the saddle top allowing for a clearer note.

If you play with a high action or heavier strings the saddles will need to go backwards to correct the intonation (assuming it was correct at manufacture) and this means that the string wrap will most likely sit on top of the saddles.

Dimensions are:

Diameter 8mm approx and thickness 4mm ( +/- 0.3mm)   and will accommodate a 150 string thickness but bear in mind that the wrap increases the string size - so will be ok up to 120 gauge

Acorn Domed Nut for

use on 335 Type Archtops

Les Paul and 335 spacers

Spacers for Tail Piece

Ashworth Transducer - for Wide Slot

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