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Music Events and Bands Locally

Coventry Cathedral Chorus

Guitar Technical Services is proud to sponsor the Coventry Cathedral Chorus - formally known as St Michaels Singers. They produce their own concerts with or without accompanied orchestra and guest Professional Singers. Their concerts are not only held at Coventry Cathedral but are open to engagements from small occasions to large events.

For more information and up-coming events click

the link here   Coventry Cathedral Chorus


The Warwick Shadows Music Club

The Warwick Shadows Club has a new website at  Warwick Shadows Guitar Club




CV37 7SX

* From 12 to 4.30 pm unless otherwise stated.

* Entrance fee £2.

* No buffet or Bar - So bring your own refreshments - food & drink.

* A comprehensive back line all set up, just bring your guitar and play!

The Acoustic Who - for 2024

DAVE & MARK of the 'Acoustic Who' invite you to see them at the dates and times listed here in the months ahead. Visit and see see WEBSITE:

The Acoustic Who - Facebook

Mbl: 07703 107443


They also head up 'The APOSTROPHES'

Stratford Upon Avon Folk Club

The Stratford Upon Avon Folk Club is a beautiful, warm, young and vibrant place where musicians meet up and share their songs on stage plus get to meet the top UK Folk award winners and musicians in and around the UK Folk Scene today! Some concert events are presented a few times in the year.

See their WEBSITE: Stratford Upon Avon Folk Club

Every 1st & 3rd Wednesday in the month. Start at ....8pm .......

At The :

The Stratford Alehouse

12B Greenhill Street



CV37 6LF

Warwick Folk Club

Club Dates 2024  - All dates are Sundays

August 11th 2024

Concerts to be announced for 2024

O2 Music Events

O2 Musicians Mapper

This is a special opportunity to shine a spotlight on the rich musical heritage in your local area.  The O2 Musicians Mapper, is a captivating interactive tool that traces the roots of UK artists back to their hometowns, including those from your vicinity. It's a feast for the eyes and offers a unique way for local enthusiasts and music lovers to delve into the musical legacy in ones own region.

The shout-out, feature, or link to the Musicians Mapper - would strike a chord with you offering you a lovely journey of local musical discovery. The mission is to spread the word and highlight the musical gems of various localities, so support in showcasing the talent from your area.


Jennifer Cooper - Virgin Media O₂

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