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Since 1994 Peter worked on his own original design headstock  with the criteria that the strings should pull in a straight line from the nut to the machine head capstan. This was no easy feit. As many guitar makers have found, there are constrictions or limitations.

Then there was a need for a name. An idea came from a former Band called Wishbone Ash which Peter was privileged to meet whilst working at the Patrick Eggle Guitars factory in 1993.

Wishbone Ash had an outstanding LP/CD/Album called 'The Warrior' and there on the front cover was the answer to both the name of the guitar and the 'theme' for each guitar model'. The Theme for each model would be in the from of named famous battles.

The headstock designs have a sort of medieval look to them and yes it is unfortunate that some people think that they are 'heavy Metal' just because they are a bit pointy. Sad how people group things together as a cliche.

The first guitar constructed was called 'Edge Hill' made in 1998 and the headstock can be seen as the 6 Left Machine Heads.

The model 'Bosworth' was constructed in 2010 and is a 3 per side version.

Since the initial building, the demand for work has been relentless and taken a back seat. Customers have requested various custom made guitars and these have had the Heraldic Decal attached to the headstock.  

Peter Allen Headstock 3 per side
Peter Allen Headstock 6 per side

Peter Allen is the owner of Heraldic Guitars UK

Peters Gutars can be see here

Heraldic Logo
Heraldic Logo
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*  Arden Acoustic Guitars by Simon O'Nions

     situated in Warwick – Warwickshire.

     Comments my Blog March 2023

He can be contacted via his website

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