Services  - Prices (as at 10th November 2022) Professional Set-ups and Refrets

People have often asked "How do you set up an electric guitar?"

The answer is that it would be simple if the frets were perfectly level. If they are not, the only way to set-up the guitar properly is to level the frets first and then it becomes a straight forward job. Setting up a new guitar is very variable as the guitar often takes about 12 to 18 months to settle down from new. This means that if the guitar is set-up by a shop from new, it can change soon afterwards.

Many internet traders who set-up guitars will probably bank on the distance-buying customer not bringing back the guitar for a check in the first year because it's too much hassle and too expensive - or hope that local shop customers forget the option, even if it is free. Some of my customers have brought me new instruments to set-up and the advantage for them is the peace of mind that the instrument is correct at purchase, followed by my back-up service of checking the instrument whenever they want during the first year. Occasionally I have written reports on faulty necks and this has resulted in successful warranty claims, followed by a re-set.

Here are the price revisions from November 2022 - WARNING !  There is often a 'waiting list' for Set-up work of at least 2 weeks due to demand - this time has increased in recent years. Small repairs can be done quicker - please enquire.

All Set-up work includes 'Fret Dressing and Reprofiling'.

Strings are not included and can be supplied but you are welcome to bring your own if you prefer.

Acoustic 6 string Guitar £130 (excluding strings)

Acoustic 12 string Guitar £130 + £30 surcharge (excluding strings) £160

Acoustic Bass Guitar - 4 String £130 (excluding strings)

Electric 6 string Guitar £130 (excluding strings)

Electric 7 String Guitar £140 (excluding strings)

Electric 8 string Guitar £150 (excluding strings)

Electric 12 string Guitar £130 + £30 surcharge (excluding strings) £160

Electric Guitar with locking tremolo:

e.g. Floyd Rose or Kahler type £160 surcharge included (excluding strings)

Bass Guitar - 4 String £130 (excluding strings)

Bass Guitar - 5 String £135 (excluding strings)

Bass Guitar - 6 String £140 (excluding strings)

Mandolin £153 (excluding strings)

Banjo £153 (excluding strings)

STRING COST as supplied at Professional Setup

The costs of strings supplied by GT Services are as follows:

Standard Electric £10 e.g. Ernie Ball or D'Addario

Standard Acoustic Phosphor Bronze and Bronze £12 e.g. Ernie Ball or D'Addario

Classical Acoustic £15 e.g. D'Addario


Additional costs apply to instruments that require extra work

Price will be dependent on the amount of labour involved

Typical common examples include:

* Badly worn frets needing heavy milling to achieve good specification - from £35

* Partial Refret - example 6 frets - from £75

* Replace nut due to the slots being too low - from £55 incl £13 Graph Tech unit

* Replace saddle Tusq/Bone - too low/wrong radius - from £50 incl £13 Graph Tech unit

* Glue in loose frets caused by wood shrinkage or oversized fret slots £35

* Dealing with Evo Gold or Stainless Steel Frets adds a charge of £40 to £90 depending.

* Correct errors made at manufacture

* Additional repair work

Set-up Services Prices

PROFESSIONAL SET-UP (EXCLUSIVE to Guitar Technical Services!)  

Why pay for half an hours work for 'Bodge-it & Scarper Music' to set up your guitar at a cost of £30 to £70 with no attention to the level of the frets, when my costs set out below are all inclusive of fret work! A typically high street repair shop price of a set-up ONLY would be £35 to £70, PLUS 'Stoning Frets' £80 upwards, so a theoretical £135 or more!

Professional Set-up in Detail

If you wish to see the full procedure involved in the Professional Set up, Peter has shown this in pictures on his other website

By clicking here http://guitarwizard.org.uk or on the 'flashing icon' you will be directed to see the full detailed procedure involved in the Professional Set up.

Click the "Link Button"  which takes you to Peter's other website.

Work Requests & Instructions

The Work Request form to be placed with your instrument or email Peter to book an appointment.

Take the Professional Set-up Tour !

Work Request Form_PDF

Re-Fretting - Guitars, Bass, Mandolin & Banjo

Re-Fretting - Guitars, Bass, Mandolin & Banjo

Refret - Non-Bound Edge (Rosewood) including Set-up & New Nut ...................£320

Refret - Non-Bound Edge (Maple - sprayed) including Set-up & New Nut .........£380

Refret - Bound Edge (Les Paul type) including Set-up & New Nut ......................£370

Refret - Bound Edge (Maple -sprayed) including Set-up & New Nut ..................£415

N.B. - The typical £320 refret cost above can be broken down into:

£115 - Levelling fingerboard, clean out slots and fret fitting

£25 - Includes fret-wire & consumables.

£50 - A replacement Nut 6 string version

£130 - Professional Set-up - guaranteed for 12 months

An additional £200 surcharge is applied if stainless steel fretwire is requested.

The Exclusion List

I no longer service or set-up the following guitars due to poor build or design issues:

Rickenbacker bass or guitar,

Parker Fly Guitars

Kramer Guitars with aluminium neck from 1976 to 1985.

Hamer Guitars with aluminium necks.

Applause by Ovation approx '78 '79 all aluminium necks.

Any guitar fitted with a Maestro Vibrola tremolo.

Pickup Replacement  -  £50 for the first pickup and £5 for each additional pickup when fitted at the same time

Wiring Costs - Re-Wiring excluding parts starts at £50

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