Eggle Wiring Diagrams - Prior to 1995

Patrick Eggle Guitars Ltd

As outlined on the Home Page - Peter Allen was instrumental in the building of Patrick Eggle Guitars up until March 1994.

Having various roles and job tiles including Factory Manager, Peter is knowledgeable about the wiring and set-ups of those guitars.

By popular request, Peter has put together various, simple to understand drawings of the wiring for each of the guitars produced.

Patrick Eggle Guitars Models - See the PDF below.

Berlin Pro Deluxe with Rotary SW

Berlin Standard

Berlin Plus with Coil Tap & Phase

Berlin Plus Original

Berlin Pro with Rotary SW & Phase SW

Berlin Plus with Coil Tap

New York Broadway - with Mini HB

Berlin Standard with Coil Tap

New York Deluxe with Coil Tap

Berlin Standard & Plus Deluxe with Coil Tap (Seymour Duncan)

Berlin Legend - Jim Sullivan Active PU's

LA Plus Push/Pull & Rotary SW

Should there be any error in these drawings,

please report it to Peter Allen.

One point already made is the Rotary  Switch is either a 2 or a 4 pole Switch. Meaning that a 4 pole Switch cannot be made into a 2 pole.

Pick-up Coured Wires Conversion Chart

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